I have test-fitted roll center adjusters for sale. Comes with 4 bolts, 4 lock washers, 2 spacers.Ive fitted it to the suspension and added my 15 inch wheel to check clearance and it caused the aftermarket rod-end to rub on my alloys.Will fit 16 wheels and larger for s30, unless youre using performance replacement steering ends, OEM ends, or grind off a little of the aftermarket replacement stee...
I'm looking for a Datsun 240z between the uears of 1969 up to 1972. I don't care in wich condition it is. If it's running or not or if it has a title or no title. Please contact me if you are interested on selling your Datsum. I'll pick up!
I have some Datsun S30 parts available. New out of box front 1 RollCenterAdjustersRCA with bolts and lock washers. Test fitted and have clearance issue with my 15 rims. Will easily work for 16 and above $60 Good Starters, got 3 $10 eachEarly Alternators $20 eachE88 SU carburetor manifolds240z $40Balance tube for 1973-1974 Z with the anti backfire stuff on it $60Fairly naked early intake balance...
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